Looking for someone to print me some samples on a Form 2 in various resins

Hi All,I am looking for someone with a form 2, to print and UV Cure a very simple 10mm x 100mm x 100mm sample file to be printed in a few materials (I’ll be testing its density) to find one closest to water - probably the heaviest.
I am looking for someone to print, UV cure and ship the test parts to me in Melbourne Australia.

1 x Clear Resin / Or white - or any colour- just the standard stuff
1 x Flexible resin

I’ll use these to ensure the Form 2 printer is up to the job and go ahead and buy one.
Please send though a cost (including your currency) to print, cure and ship.
Thanks for looking.
My default settings on preform say its a 138ml print with 8:35 print time.

Flat 10mm.stl (684 Bytes)

Standard resins have a density of 1.18kg/L after curing and the flexible resins are 1.16kg/L. The flexible resins are going to be your best bet for getting densities nearest to water.

If you’d still like to do some testing, get in touch with our sales team for custom sample requests.

Tenho tentado em entrar em contato com a Formlabs para umas amostras de impressão de Joias mais sem resultados eles não respondem o emial , moro no Brasil e quero comprar uma Formlabs mais sem ver a qualidade fica difícil!

Hi Frew,
I msg’d sales via the web form but am yet to hear from them…

I’m getting the same experience.

If anyone can help print me some samples. I am happy to pay for your time and materials. Please msg me.

Hey Frew, what is the density of the castable v2?

Catable V2 has a density of 1.18kg/L after being postcured.

thanks, @Frew!

what’s the density of castable v2 uncured?

1.11kg/L :slight_smile:

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