Power Resin

I stumbled onto these guys recently: https://goo.gl/k9yaG4

A standard castable and a castable "filigree’ formula

Anyone know anything about these guys?

It better be good for the price!

Same feeling here. Using Open Mode at the price of Formlab’s resin is hardly worth it. They got to communicate a bit better as to what the advantages are.

Looking at the filigree resin, the results look truly spectacular! But looking at the prices on the other side I’d stick with Formlabs resins :sweat_smile:

Good grief, they are sure proud of that stuff to charge double for the same amount of resin as OEM Formlabs resin.

I’ll pass.

A $61 difference is hardly double.

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1kg = 1 liter, and $300 is twice $150.

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Formlabs castable is $299/L…

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Well, partial credit anyway. $150 is the price for ONE HALF LITER

I’ve had one experience using formlabs castable and my really good caster guy whose successfully cast B9 resin had no luck on any of the blue form resin. I cured in sun really well here in the Southwest which sufficed for said B9 formula. I wouldn’t chime in on this except I’ve heard a few others claim this too and I’m wondering what the best practices are to getting him something that can burn out clean. I’ve even heard no final post cure works which left me really confused.