About resins ... why just 1 liter?!?

I am a happy new owner and user of a Form3. I am absolutely delighted with what performance this printer offers. Both in terms of precision and general quality of the printed parts as well as ease of use. Also, I like PreForm for its beautiful interface and its accuracy in evaluating the printability of parts.

In short, that happiness.

Only downside compared to my need. I want to produce scale models directly in 3D printing without having to invest in resin casting with all the mastery that this art requires.

I was wondering if Formlabs might be interested in offering their resin in high volume! I work with Standard Gray v4. It is the cheapest of the resins, and yet the profit margin for the amount of scale models that can be produced is still problematic.

If I could save a lot of money, I would be willing to buy a 5, 10 or even 20 liter tank of resins. It seems to me that the 1 liter tank looks poor compared to the potential of the printer it has to feed!

Is there something going in this direction at Formlabs?


Here is an example of what is achieved with the Form3:

Contact sales europe. They have discount rates for high volume printers.

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Good idea. Being in Canada, I will contact america sales. Thanks Fantasy2 :muscle:

There is also alternative resin that is much cheaper per liter - should be not that hard to find, even on the forum there are many threads.

Yes, absolutely. I did test the resin from ApplyLabWork (Modeling Gray) and was disappointed. The resin in the end is shiny, the pieces are more textured but above all, they are less precise than printed with Gray Standard v4 resin. I haven’t found anything cheaper or better than Gray Standard v4 … if you’ve tested other resins successfully, I’m in for it.

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