How many prints will 1 liter of resin last?

I’m currently in the market for a 3D printer and have been looking at the different models, etc. One question I had in regards to the Form 1 was how long a bottle of resin lasts? With the cost of this printer being a bit more than say an Ultimaker 2 or Replicator 2, I wanted to know how expensive the upkeep on materials will end up being.

Hard to gauge this with every print being of different volume, but roughly how many 4" prints could you do with one bottle? Or something of that nature.

Thanks in advance, I tried searching for an answer but didn’t find anything.


Hey Adam,

Download the preform software and load your object in there. It will tell you the volume required to make that object and you can then calculate how many widgets you could get out of 1 Liter of resin. I just received my Form 1 coming from a BFB FDM machine, i must say the quality and accuracy of the Form 1 Hands Down beats any low end FDM machine by MILES!

It will cost you more for the resin and the consumables for sure with the Form1.  However you cannot get the same quality with any FDM printer. If you are printing mainly mechanical parts, boxes, vases, toys, etc, then maybe you can, but for anything that requires detail, the Form1 crushes those printers.


The post by Wong Engineering is definitely a great idea.  PreForm is completely free and will give you an estimation of the Resin you will be using.

hey I was wondering if I could get some help to I’m trying to figure out how to calculate the cost of the print for example if I print a tablet stand that’s is 131ml and 1570 layers with print time of 9h 52 mins how much would that have cost me in dollars out of the 1l

@Idimension it’s a rule of three: If you use a stanard resin for example 160$/L --> 1mL=0,16$
If you need 131ml * 0,16$ = 20,96$ you would need for your tablet stand.
When I design stuff by myself for customers I always try to make the design as economical as possible to use only that much resin as it’s really needed. With some small thoughts you can save a lot of money with your design!

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