Dental arch print cost?

I’m about to order a Form 2 but I want to know how much resin will it take to print a dental arch?
I need to print dental arch for aligners and I want to know the cost. So if anyone is doing it or have the information it will be great.


PS: I don’t want to print the entire arch, only 2-3 cm of it wich is enough for aligners

You can download the preform software, pit your model into it, add supports, that will give you the volume of material. You should be able to work out your costings from there.

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near 7 u.s. dollars

My low profile arches for vacuum formed retainers/aligners use about .10mL of resin, which averages out to about $1.40 per arch.

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Which thermoformer do you use?

too high…should be $2.00