Dental invisible aligners

Ok guys I need help on this, I have 3d model of teeth, I need invisible aligner. Is there a resin to directly print aligner, or you print positive and then put invisible aligner negative on it? Anybody doing this, can somebody describe me this process?
invisible aligner

We recently announced Dental LT Clear which should suit your application. It’s a Class IIa bio-compatible material ideal for direct production of devices like splints and retainers. Dental LT Clear will be available in Q3 of this year.

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Great! What about software of correction of teeth? Are you planning to put that in preform?

Software correction of teeth might be a bit beyond the scope of PreForm. We recently announced a partnership with 3Shape and integrations with other suites that allow for correction of teeth could be possible in the future!


I don’t know if you have read this guy’s experience, but:

Unless you are an orthodontist trained in Invisalign I’m not sure I’d endeavor to do this myself… Invisalign has very good data on exactly how much you can move (translate and rotate) teeth per tray. I also assume they have lots more information - such as how many teeth can you move at once (move one and leave the two adjacent alone so that you are moving the intended tooth accurately), how much flex you can expect from the material, exactly how thick you need to make the stuff… Not to mention the “attachments” they bond to your teeth…

If you are looking for a pretty minor correction you are probably fine going the DIY route. I am going through Invisalign now myself. I didn’t think my teeth were that bad, but they are making some pretty significant adjustments and so far I’m really happy. If you would have asked me before starting if I could effectively DIY it I would have said yes. On tray 10 out of 40 I have to say I’m convinced I wouldn’t get even close.

Shouldn’t the material be FDA certified as well since someone’s gonna wear it for 22 hours?

No, it´s not Invisalign who knows how much you can move the teeth… is the orthodoncist who makes all the decisions and is the doctor who makes the movement planning and then they use the Invisalign software to generate the data.

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Invisible aligners are a way to straighten teeth without the use of external, visible brackets and wires. Invisibility is the only concern why people are not opting for them as much as they should.

Invisible aligners can be used if your child is avoiding wearing braces because it’s not socially acceptable or if you want to minimize the time frame for treatment.

Here is some DENTAL ALIGNERS information that will help you out. . .