Butterfly Test: Pics of Issue


I purchased a couple of Form 2 Printers. Our one machine is running parts just fine. The other, I haven’t been able to get it to print.

I recently performed the galvo and main mirror cleaning per FormLabs instruction, and my problem persists identically. See attached image. Any thoughts on the next step’?

If that’s grey V4 resin, don’t trust it. Try running the test with a better resin, say black V4 or dental model.

@eaelec: Actually, its Black V4 that most people are having issues with…

@elintula: If I were you, I would ask Formlabs about this.

In my experience black V4 problems tend to be caused by supports snapping off at the base, I can’t see any snapped supports here, but I do see typical grey V4 “curling” problems. More about grey V4 here:

Also see this one

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