Build platform sticking

After my second 4hr print job today my build platform stuck around halfway up while resetting for the next print. The motor continued to try and move, it didn’t sound great… I turned on and off and after 2 attempts it finally went to the start position.

Can support recommend any steps to cure/investigate/lubricate?

Can you post up pics out of Preform of what you are trying to print with the orientation, base and supports.

The print had completed David, the platform stuck as it was raising at the end of the print run, not during the print, however, this is the job

Sorry, I misunderstood.
I would open a support ticket for that one.

Is the lead screw clean and debris free?

With the printer off (power removed), remove the build platform and vat. Move the Z lead screw down past where it got stuck, after checking for debris, then plug the printer back in and turn it on. See if it gets stuck or returns to the home position.

Please use care with the above and do this at your own risk. FL support will take care of you.
FL, as always, if my suggestions are off base, please let me know. :slight_smile:

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