Bugs in Powder / Printer Sitting Idle for Extended Period

I searched but couldn’t find this topic. We are a FIRST Robotics team and purchased the Fuse 1 in Jan. It made a huge difference in what my kids can design and put on our robots. If you aren’t familiar with FIRST we build a competition robot in Jan/Feb, Compete in March/April. Then we train in the offseason, May-Dec. We haven’t done any printing since the Spring. So our printer has been sitting idle. 2 Questions below:

  1. Should we power off the Printer and Sifter when we are using them for extended periods?
  2. We just noticed that we have had some bugs attracted by the light in the powder hopper that are now dead laying on the top of the powder. We assume we need to clean them off, but if there are some inside the powder that we can’t see will that damage anything?

Hi team1038,

Those robot competitions sound really cool!

Sorry to hear about the bugs you are seeing. While I myself am not able to answer these questions, I would create a support case with our support team - we have a dedicated team for the Fuse and Sift that can get you the best answers for those questions.

Thanks I will do that!

FIRST is awesome, this year is my 19th season.

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