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Fuse 1 - excited / impatient

Can we please have an update on the Fuse 1 delivery schedule? I have reserved quite a while ago and I have work for it now. I understood they would start shipping in February?
Thanks for your great work BTW. Love Formlabs products.

It’s really annoying that we have no any updated news :frowning:
Some people have made reservation and don’t even know when they can expect a possibility of making an order.

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I was told it would be the second quarter which would be April. I agree, they are not releasing much info about it.

We’re excited about this as well, and are working on nailing down timelines for when customers can expect units to start shipping. I don’t have anything concrete for you currently, but we’ll publish more information as soon as it’s available.


Any news please! I’m desperate for this unit. Sick of printing Nylon on the FDM

@Frew - Are you supplying samples of parts made on the Fuse1?


I have a fuse sample part. They even let me supply the .STL file.


Likewise tiring of printing Nylon on FDM, especially after my print failure last night… We’ll make sure to provide updates both on our website and directly to those who have pre-ordered units as we have them.

@Chris_Estelow Get in touch with our Sales Team for sample part options! We don’t have public sample parts just yet, but our team may be able to help out.

My boss got tired of waiting. We had paid for 2 Fuse’s. He wanted his money back and used it to buy a 3D Systems Projet 2500+. It should be here in a few weeks.

Hi Scott,
not surprised. I keep promising customers that I will have this capability soon.
I think it’s time for formlabs to come clean on what is happening. Just a little bit of communication would help.

@Frew can you please give your loyal customers some reason to not pull out of the deal. I’ve really been impressed by the form2 and the wash and cure system, but we are now 2 months behind schedule and still not even an update.

Having had one of the original Form 1’s (we bought after kickstarter but before the first ones shipped) I knew that the Fuse would be behind schedule. Since we had paid in full for 2 of them with the cleaning station we were promised beta units to help test them. Best answer I could get was they would be shipped second quarter of this year.
If the Form 1 is any indicator on how a brand new product would work, it would probably be awhile before the Fuse worked right. That’s why we decided to go with 3D Systems.