Fuse 1+ Firmware 1.17 - When will it drop?

Formlabs - We just updated Preform to the latest 3.31, and it indicates that we can get 30% faster prints on the Fuse 1+ as long as we have firmware 1.17 installed.

It’s not on your website as of the date of this post, so any idea on when it’ll be available to the community?


Nylon 12 GF really? We read Nylon 12.

They are finetuning the firmware so its not ready yet.

Im reluctant to upgrade as firmware upgrades on these machines in the past has not gone without a hitch so to say.

Hi @jdubose,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the miscommunication and delay regarding firmware 1.17. I believe we initially planned for the PreForm and firmware updates to come together, but the firmware update was delayed. I don’t have a specific time estimate, but the firmware update should be coming soon. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

@Andreasemilsson There have been plenty of times where I’ve done an update, tried it out and then rolled it back. 30% faster print times is something that I see value in trying out. The response from FL seems to indicate that they have not worked out the bugs. The “coming soon” is a favorite saying from FL and it usually translates to a few months.

No offense @Jesse_K, but I’ve been a player with FL for several years and there have been several instances when I’ve felt I was the Beta Tester/Expensive Guinea Pig with a half baked product or updates. Take all the time you need and make sure that this update is fully baked.


@jdubose we’ll try not to overpromise and underdeliver something like a massive speedup :slight_smile:

In this case “coming soon” was just a couple days. If you can, I would recommend giving 1.17 and 3.31 a shot by upgrading today. We’re all really excited about this update internally and hope you are too.