Firmware 1..17 Fuse series

Im always reluctant to upgrade the firmware due to the history of firmware upgrades with the Fuse series.

So i have a question for all you who have updated to firmware 1.17.

How is it working?

Do i dare hit the button? Or should i wait?

I have just performed the update.
However, I did it manually by downloading the file and transferring it to the printer via Preform.
For some reason unknown to me, the printer has never alerted me to a firmware update. Also, the printer does not even look for an update in the settings option, but directly says you should open Preform. Preform also keeps telling me that I have the latest firmware installed. Here I have to regularly read the release notes to learn about new updates.

The installation went without problems. Not that I could ever observe problems here…

It will probably take a few days until I will schedule the next print job.
I think I would be able to report in about a week, how far I would evaluate the quality of the update.

We plan to update the firmware of a Nylon 12 machine, and a device runs 1.16.13 firmware for comparison. I guess it is difficult to have a clear result in a short test of the printing speed, mainly to see the stability of the new firmware