Fuse1 WOW

Just saw the video on the Fuse 1 totally amazing!! A little out of my price range, love my form2 though. Congrats all on the amazing leaps and bounds in the industry. Wishing you all well from a avid user and enthusiast!!:relaxed:


Yea it’s wonderful, definitely a step in the right direction for Formlabs! However I’m a little concern wtih the lack of SLS powder, I couldn’t find any information about third party powder. Most seem to use nylon so there’s not a lot of selection, less than the Form2.

I think 10K is a good price, compare to their competition they are cheaper and have a bigger build volume.

Looks like a nice machine but I’m disappointed in the limited material choices (1) and 100 micron layers make it not a great choice for any fine detail or precision work that may have tiny gears and thread models. Price range is close to desktop cnc machines.

For now i’ll wait

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Are there any SLS printers that do high detail?

Most desktop SLS printer(4 total) have 100 micron layer height, haven’t seen one at 50 or 25 micron. It would be nice if we can print at 25 micron layer height with a 20 micron powder particle size.

You really don’t want to do fine gears on a SLS printer, Though I suppose it depends on what you think is ‘fine’. The one I’ve been playing with are 0.2 mod.

I was very excited to see FormLabs introduce the Fuse 1, and it wasn’t long before I recognized how complementary it would be to the rest of the processes that I do in my shop. It will likely be another year before I see the system delivered, but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to creating many proof of concept models with the Form 2.

I’m a single person shop, with two Haas CNC, a Daewoo Turning Center, welding equipment, a 5 x 10 foot CNC Router, and a near complete set of Felder/Format woodworking tools.

For me, the bugaboo of assemblies, is finding the proper joining technique, and the most suitable connectors; think all of those parts that you would need to assemble 80/20 extrusions.

Now imagine that you could create a near unlimited range of brackets and connectors from the Fuse 1, and just about any kind of multiple degree of freedom mechanisms; hinges for example. I don’t suggest that the Fuse 1 would replace equipment and processes. but it’s pretty easy to extrapolate what I can create out of it that is easier than machining or fab.

So, yeah, I’d like a broader material selection, which will come, and higher resolution, which might happen with the Fuse 2. In the meantime, this will could provide a bit of a disruption to the competition for people that create and make custom stuff.

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