New formlabs products

We plan to expand our print service to print SLA. Does anyone have any information about new SLA printer? Is it good to buy Form 2 or wait for the next generation Form? Will the new generation be introduced in the near future?
Thanks for answare.

AFAIK no news about a new Form device. I would wager that Formlabs is pretty busy with their upcoming SLS machine (Fuse).

Form 2 is well supported with frequent and regular updates, last major software update was a bit more than a month ago. New post-treatment accessories have just been released and there are upcoming resins scheduled in the coming months.

I’d say it’s a pretty good time to buy a Form 2 !

Thank you so much.
And what about Form X ceramic resin. Looks like that there is little bit delay with releasing.
Next question is about Fuse 1.
Sinterit Lisa SLS printer has build chamber 150x200x150mm but for precision prints with PA12 is only 90x110x130mm.
Will be possible print precision part in whole FUSE 1 chamber?
Will be possible dye gray PA with same result as dye prints from white PA (EOS prints for example)?

No idea. Informations are a bit scarce right now regarding the Fuse 1. Maybe someone else will have more info.

Regarding Ceramic resin, they needed new tanks to print this and these just got released (Tank LT). With Rigid and Grey Pro coming (which both need the new LT tanks), I personally expect to see Ceramic pretty soon especially since 3rd party ceramic resins compatible with the Form 2 are becoming available so Formlabs may want to speed things up… But really we still have no ETA.

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There could be a new SLA printer announced this year, but it won’t be until near the end of the year. If not this year then next year probably.