Brand new Form II can't see one of my new resin cartridges; Help!

Hey there, I’ve got a brand new machine… I bought two units of Gray resin, and one of those two refuses to register when I press it in place. I’ve checked the contacts on the underside per the help files, and even wiped then with fresh IPA on a clean cloth to assure there wasn’t a film of some sort on it (its brand new mind you) and nothing… the machine never ever sees it present in the holster. Im really not interested in just pouring the resin in to my other tank when it runs out; as that will probably botch the tracking and metering right? is there a fix I can try?

Manually filling the printer shouldn’t be necessary, and it sounds like this might be an error on the cartridge itself rather than the printer. Have you been able to check the leads on the cartridge? If those don’t turn up anything suspect, I’d open a ticket with our support team.

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