Bk V2 to Bk V3 without re-setting supports

Hi guys,

I just run out of Black V2 resin and after pressing “continue print” for the last two small prints the cartridge is fully empty. There is still a lot of resin in the tray but it’s below the min line. Is this all waist? I don’t seem to be able to continue even with a very small print. It just keeps saying “waiting for resin to fill” but since the cartridge is empty nothing new I’ll be added it just sits there.

I then decided to go to a new tray and the new Bk V3 cartridge i have. Do i need to re-do all my models i made for V2 to V3 now? I cant re-print my already existing designs as they are stored on the printer? I have to go to PreForm and update them all to V3?
When i try to switch material to V3 in an existing project it says all supports will be deleted and will have to be redone. There is no option to skip that and keep existing supports!! I have mostly custom supports that i know work (for V2 anyways) how is there no way to skip this reset? Basically any prints i have designed so with custom supports I would have to re-layout all over again.

If there is no “skip or neglect button” is this a free services that FormLabs offers to convert files from one version of resign to another?

Other than that i am very happy with the Froms 2; i only have 1 failed print so far (at least 30 prints) and have had no major issues with it over the past 6 month.

If a cartridge runs out in the middle of a print, you can choose to continue using only the resin left in the tank. The level can get quite low before it starts to affect print results. If you want to use up remaining resin after a print has finished, Open Mode might be a viable option for using most all of the resin left in the tank.

Support settings do sometimes change between materials which is why supports are cleared when switching. If you open your .form files previously printed in Black V2 and switch the material at the bottom to Black V3, it will clear the support structures. You can then re-generate them using Black V3 settings and should be good to go!

If you have a large number of custom supports that are difficult to replace, you can technically open your .form files previously associated with Black V2 and set the material to Black V3 on startup. This does avoid clearing supports but can cause print issues as the supports will still be optimized for Black V2 rather than V3. If possible, I’d recommend clearing the previous Black V2 supports and regenerating them using Black V3 settings.

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