Form2, mixing v2 standard grey with v3 standard grey

I am currently running a 7 hr job using standard grey v2. There is a possibility i will run out of v2 and have just noticed my next cartridge is v3.
When it runs out mid print (which iit no doubt will!) could I pause; clean my tank, insert my v3 cartridge and get things runnning again?

The best thing to do is cancel and start over. Save the last bit of V2 gray for a smaller project. I would not mix them. Isn’t the F2 supposed to tell you that there isn’t enough resin to finish the print before it starts?

Saving it for a small job is not going to work. Once the tray is almost empty and it cannot dispense material from the cartridge, it simply refuses to continue printing. So you will have to waste a full tray of material(unless you go open mode). Wasn’t that around 200ml? So you waste 32 euro’s of material.

It is not recommended by FL to mix resin versions together for a good reason, but personally, I still do this when there are less critical prints(otherwise I already had to throw away a lot of material).

I am afraid in this case thowe26 has to throw away the current print and start over. The machine will probably refuse the V3 cartridge with V2 settings. What you could do however is take out some resin with a syringe, mix it with V3 and continue printing. Once the printer complains about a low level, just add some material to the tray manually. It’s far from optimal, but saves you the time and money.

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Saving it for a small job should work. Once the tray is almost empty and it cannot dispense material from the cartridge, it gives a warning that the cartridge is empty. If you click continue on the touch screen, the print will continue to competition, ignoring the resin level for the rest of the print.

For grey V2 to V3 the materials are different enough that I would not recommend mixing them.


Thanks for the comments.
I am hoping to just squeeze through. But if not - I will start again with a new V3 cartridge

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