Refilling Cartridge Mid-Print?

I have an 11hr (~100ml) print going now with the last of my V3 Grey cartridges, and it’s already warned me there MIGHT not be enough to finish the job. I have some spare V3 resin that I strained out of my previous spent tank and was wondering what the proper procedure is to add this to my existing cartridge once it runs out. Once the printer things the current cartridge is empty, can I simply remove it, pour in the remainder of my old resin, re-insert the same cartridge and hit Continue? Or will the printer now think the cartridge is empty and thus no longer try to dispense resin?

You should be able to swap cartridges when it asks. Once the machine senses that no more resin is dispensing you’ll be able to swap cartridges. No need to fill into the old cartridge.

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Yes, I’m aware of that. But I’d like to finish off all my V3 resin including the bit that was strained out of the previous tank before moving on to the unopened V4 Grey ones I have on the shelf. Thanks.

I’ve done similarly with no adverse consequences.
Just last week I was running a White V4 in a new LT tank. The V4 cartridge ran dry (I had no other V4 cartridges) and I put a V3 cartridge in its place. Well the printer told me to put in a compatible cartridge (even though White V4 is supposed to be only a “supplier change” so I assumed it would accept the V3 cartridge…wrong.). I removed the V4, poured some V3 in the empty V4 cartridge, put it in the printer, hit “continue” and the print came out just fine.

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