Help! How to continue printing when V3 grey runs out mid-print?

Hi all,

I have a large print going that is using the very last of my V3 grey resin and it is now 90% done with an hour to go. However, the cartridge is now empty and no longer dispensing resin when the valve action takes place so I know it will be soon giving me an EMPTY CARTRIDGE message. Since I only have V4 grey cartridges remaining I fear it will not allow me to complete the print if I swap them out once this happens. I’m also not certain if it will allow me to just keep printing for a while with an empty cartridge using the resin that remains in the tank (which is enough to finish the part I’m sure).

I’m asking now before I get a warning so I’m prepared if and when it happens. Thanks!

When the level gets too low the machine will ask you to change the cartridge. It will fill and resume printing after that. This can sometimes cause a slight line on that layer of the print.

If there isn’t much left the print may finish before the error.

I haven’t tried hot swapping them yet so it’s best to wait until the printer pauses and politely asks for a change.

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When the message does come up, press “Continue” two times to use the resin in your tank.

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I do mainly small prints, so I continue to print for days or sometimes weeks after my cartridge is empty. If you can endure all the screen warnings, you can theoretically keep printing as long as there is enough resin in the tank to spread across the PDMS for the next layer. My dubious record is a perfect print with about half a shotglass of resin remaining.

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congrats to you lol, I’ve had it where one corner ran out of resin and the print in this location could not finish and it failed. but the rest completed with no issue.