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Do you guys ever use Beta print setting. It seems all the new Preform improvements are all for the default settings while Beta just sits there untouched. I’m asking because I put together number of products, all in Beta, to have them printed faster and cleaner. Now, based on the recent prints I’d say Default is probably better for speed and quality. Switching between these two settings requires rebuilding support. The idea of changing supports on 70 different products is not that enticing… but if the Beta is just a dead end it makes no sense keeping them there.

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Hey, apologies for the confusion! The goal of all of our beta settings is to eventually get promoted to replace the default print settings. So, many of the prints you have set up with Beta settings in older versions will now automatically open with Default print settings in the latest PreForm.

Specifically, in PreForm 3.22.0, we promoted many beta settings on Form 3 to default with the launch of Form 3+. These are the same settings / supports, but the settings you were using have gone through enough validation to remove the Beta label, and they now replace the previous Default settings with a note about 20-40% improved speeds in the UI.

Let us know if you have other questions about this! We shouldn’t be forcing anyone to migrate a large number of jobs over to new settings, but please let us know if you are seeing issues.

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Thanks Ricky,

very helpful. To find out more for myself I did some experimenting porting couple of saved Beta parts to Default.

First thing I got is that dreaded Support setting are incompatible warning tab. But under Show Advanced, BTW is this something recently added because I don’t remember seeing it before, there is Import touch point sizes. Not recommended but after checking it I got all the supports with the same touch point in Default as they were in Beta. The only thing not retained was custom Height Above Raft. I had it set at 3 mm but in Default reverted back to regular 5 mm. Not a big deal. 10 seconds and I got it fixed.

Would be nice if all settings were ported but I can’t really complain. This is pretty good. I can certainly live with it. Thank you guys.

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