Default Support Settings?


I have been using the default support settings for a while but they seem to leave quite a lot of surface irregularities after supports are removed.  I was wondering what settings others are using to achieve accurate geometry but less support touch points.  Have many of you taken the sliders all the way down to the left for absolute minimum supports?  What were your results?  Still accurate geometry dimensions?

I am also very unhappy with the way the supports are generated.

It does not matter whether I move the sliders to the left or not, too many supports are too close to each other

and are too hard to be removed.

I am thinking of a way to add supports manually in any 3D application, and then not use the automatic support feature of preform at all.

An early sample, that I received back in August 2013 had supports that were totally different than the way supports are generated today (probably due to too many customers complaining about failed prints?)

A bit more control over the way the supports are generated would be highly welcome. Come on formlabs, we,your customers are not that stupid.