Preform Tweaks (Layer Selection, Adjust Presets,

I would like the ability to adjust presets, e.g., support point size, density, etc., so that whenever I open a new file, they are already set. Instead, I have to reset these every time.

I would like to be able to click on the layer number and type in a layer and jump to is. This may be a little esoteric, but when my printer is really thumping while printing, I’d like to see how large the current print area is.

I would like the angle of parts to by remembered. This is in case I generate supports and then go to the layout only to find that is doesn’t work, the angles are saved when I go back to reorient the part.

As it stands, the software often “forgets” the angles and I have to click and drag and then undo to have the angles displayed in the box.

Even with the support density set all the way down, I have supports that, if I didn’t remove some, would cure into one large chunk. The support density seems to be way too high.

If there are ways to do any of these, I would love to hear them. Thanks.

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Hi Anthony, thank you for your feedback. Can you provide us with more information about your angle problems? The angle of a model should be restored when you undo the support generation, or even if you rotate a piece “slightly” after generating supports.

Regards, manuel