This support needs a support

I used auto orient and when it was printing I saw a support failed, I was worried it was the problem of the machine but when I check out the model I saw the failed support was one that need a support itself, there is no way it can be produced that way! I randomly get a floating support like that and there is no way I can adjust it by the software, if there could be a software function in the future to adjust the support manually by the user?

If the Preform can export the model with the support structure as stl or obj format file, then it would be possible for users to modify the support or as a reference model to create custom support,

By the way can I turn on plan axes? There is no axes in the scene to define the direction, I think the axes is very important for Preform since I can change orientation according to different position in the tank to minimize the lest peering effect, and avoid print in the same place for too many times.

I’ve seen this as well however for an extreme example look at Andy Hudson’s images a couple of posts down although I think he missed this.

I see his image, on the bottom side of his model, all supports seems to have no connected with a base, this will definitely be a failure print, The preform NEEDS to be updated ASAP to correct the support system.

Thanks, Lock. If you can share that .form file with us, that’d be useful for our team, as they take a look at the issue!

Hi Sam, the problem is I didn’t have the floating support only on this one model, I saw it many times, and I just made a new model after Andy Hudson’s image and I get the similar result just like his, I not only got floating support but lost support on the red area. I have a FDM printer and it never get wrong with supports.

Please check the attach file to see the strange support.


This is interesting.  I have seen strange behavior before but I just repositioned the part and strange supports went away.  Next time I will save them and send them over to support.  I repositioned the part and found a sweet spot that looks like it would print.

David, I know I can adjust the position to avoid the strange support, but the sweet spot is for support, not for printing, What I mean is, when I find the best position for fewer material cost and best print result (for example supports don’t appear on the important side of the model ) if the floating support appear then I have to change the position and it may cost more material and supports may appear on the side I don’t want them to show. In the first image my print is like a penny, with pattern on both side, I have to let support produced only on the “edge” not on the sides, and I found the best position, but in that best position, the floating support appears…

Hi all,

We’re aware of a rare bug where supports end up floating and disconnected from the base.  We’re testing a fix internally for inclusion in the next PreForm release.

In the meantime, regenerating supports often fixes the problem – if that doesn’t work, try slightly adjusting the model’s position / rotation then regenerating supports again.

Nice to know this has to be changed in the next update, thank you!