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My mother tongue is not English, I’ll make my statement as short as possible.
Hope it won’t make any trouble to you guys.

The model sits at an angle and then I push generate selected button.
With these supports, it doesn’t seem to print successfully.
The only way is to edit support manually?
And why is the tips of the supports a bit taller than the model?

PreForm version: 1.8.2

Here’s the .stl file.

cover.STL (146.6 KB)

Hello @Yen_Fu_Lin,

Don’t worry about the tips being “taller” than the model. It’s a small glitch but you won’t notice this when the model is printed.

Could you give us some more explanation of the picture. Did you add the supports manually on the picture? Or did the computer generate these supports. I can hardly believe the computer generated the supports you are showing us, but yes… With these supports it will not print.

Do you have any pictures of the failed print?

Thanks for your reply.

I can hardly believe the computer generated the supports you are showing us

That’s right, computer generated those supports as shown as the picture.
There’s an attached file: cover.stl in my previous reply. Please check it out.

Do you have any pictures of the failed print?

I don’t have one because my previous attempt failed.
Except for supports , I didn’t see anything coming out.

BTW, I used white resin.

Well, from that picture… it’s fairly obvious that it doesn’t print as the area in green (picuter below) isn’t supported and that’s the first part which will be printed (except for the supports)…

I’ve downloaded the cover and this is how you could print it:
cover.form (322.2 KB)

Don’t just download the Form file and print. But try to do what I did with the supports, because either your version of Preform is borked, or this is you first encounter with resin printers and do not know how to set up the prints correctly.

If this is one of your first encounters with resin printing; read the following:

Good Luck

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Alex, thanks a lot.

here are the prints.
Now, I realized how important orientation and support are.
I’ll read those articles you showed me making sure I understand those tips.

Thanks again.

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