Form 3L Default/Beta vs Legacy Settings

Just wondering if any other 3L owners have noticed increased print failures with the new Default/Beta settings vs Legacy.

I have had some recent prints fail using Default/Beta, where they have come out perfect using Legacy.

This is not the case on my Form 3. Support comments that it might be a tank film warping issue that is intermittent…I am doing some more testing to see if this is repeatable or not, but just wondering if anyone else has observed similar results.



Hi @leonhart88,

Thanks for reaching out with a blog post! I don’t have a ton of experience printing on the newest Beta settings on a 3L, so I am hopeful that some other folks on here can share their experience. Please do be sure to keep in touch with Support so that they can keep you posted on any updates to the Beta settings.

I’ve noticed with the new supports that I have had to increase the amount of supports to keep them from letting loose during print.

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Hi @Titon,

This is interesting information; I assume you have kept the touchpoint size the same between the older settings and new? If so, what touchpoint size are you using? Thanks in advance for more information.

I have not changed the touchpoint setting size. Only increased them especially when it comes to a long straight edge. They are awesome to detach from the print but if you do not either let the software auto generate supports to default or increase them along that long edge they tend to detach during print.

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Hi @Titon,

Thank you for sharing! If you notice this keeps having an adverse affect on your prints, you should reach out to our Support Team and could possibly revert to an older firmware that had a preferred setup.

I’ve actually noticed quite a bit of issues with the beta or default settings on the 3L. I do have support tickets ongoing, but my findings are summarized below:

  • For the same touchpoint size and locations, I had a print fail consistently in Beta Black on the 3L but came out perfect on Legacy settings.
  • Seems like holes in all Default/Beta settings for various resins (Tough 2000, Black, Rigid) come out a lot more oblong than Legacy settings…to the point where even when adding lots of supports, Rigid holes can’t be easily reamed because the holes are so non-circular
  • Similar to my observations with Black, I’ve tested some instances of increased failures/warping with Tough 2000, but Legacy settings yield better results

Was hoping someone else was also keeping a keen eye on this. It’s actually quite disappointing because the improved print speed is awesome and the new touchpoint shapes are easier to sand off.

Hi @leonhart88,

Thanks for sharing those observations! Definitely keep our Support team posted with this info via your active tickets. Ensuring that we keep track of these issues can help our engineering teams improve print quality and consistency with newer print settings.

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