Beta Resin Settings

The details on the beta settings are pretty vague. Preform tells me that it’s faster and has better accuracy and surface finish.

I’m actually printing my first part right now using the settings since it’s 2-3 hours faster.

Has anyone been routinely using this and noticed any issues or immediate improvements?

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i always print in black , in the beta version there is at the moment no 25 micron setting…why?? and come the 25micron setting in the future??

Bump. Does anyone have any comments on the beta settings? I’ve been using them on and off for less important parts - usually in standard Black and find that parts print faster. I don’t really notice any differences in surface finish or any increased % of failures which is nice. Not sure how beta settings perform on the engineering resins though.

I switched to beta settings altogether for all the prints since 3.8.1. A couple of Tough1500 and a couple in Elastic50A. Didn’t notice faster speed since I print always different things, so I’ll try to compare later now you say.
I had only 1 print with Elastic from a couple of months ago. These prints with beta settings turned yellow after curing. I wouldn’t know if this could be related. I will post separately about this.

It seems faster, at least for Black.

Also the yellowing happens with elastic, nothing to do with beta settings.

I’ve found Beta Black is yielding better results (in terms of speed, accuracy and surface finish) than the non-beta Black.

That’s been my experience with Beta printing of Black resin too.

Interesting - thanks for the comments. I’m battling a part right now that is seeing warping issues (presumably geometry related, but I didn’t see this warping before). I’ll try printing in beta settings and see if it’s better.