Elastic/Flexible Resin New Settings

Does anyone here use Elastic resin regularly? I’m curious what your feedback or thoughts would be on the new settings.

I used to print in a lot of Flexible and Elastic and it was always tricky to minimize support clean up afterwards.

I’m noticing that the new support settings has a much denser lattice structure, which is great for strength of the supports themselves.

However, I’m noticing a couple of undesirable things with the algorithm:

  1. It uses WAY more resin than before

  2. The old settings used to attempt to avoid anchoring supports onto the actual model. This is helpful not only for flexibles, but is more of a issue during support cleanup with flexibles. The new algorithm seems to joyfully anchor tons of supports all over the model as oppose to attempting to avoid it like before.

Curious if anyone else has any feedback. Like before…I’m very unsure that these new support settings and algorithms are moving forward in the right direction…