Base to thin, fighting to get models off. How to change?


So I had a software update recently and since then the bases of my models (the stick to the build platform) are printing problematically thin. My first print post update, the base had splintered and cracked so it was only holding on to the build platform with one small area. The rest of the models I’ve printed since then (8 different models) haven’t splintered or cracked but had been very difficult to remove from the build platform. Instead of popping off easily like they did before its a bit of a fight. Sections break, pieces get left behind stuck to the platform. I’m afraid i’m going to damage a print trying to get it off the platform!

Is there a way I change change the thickness of it? I’ve been printing on the form 2 for well over a year now and this is the first issue I’ve encountered.

In PreForm, you can increase the raft thickness.

If you are noticing that your rafts are thinner than expected by PreForm, your build platform may be over-compressing for the start of the print. On your printer touch UI, in the settings menu, you can adjust the “Z Fine Tuning

Thank you! I’ll try this.

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