Bad resin cartridge valves

This is an ongoing problem. Only about 1 in 5 new resin cartridge valves work as they should right out of the box. It is as if the pinch valves are rarely cut fully through so that they can work. In the past, all I needed to do was pinch the valve a few times to get it to open. More recently I must actually take a razor blade and cut the valve slit through all the way, since it will never open otherwise. FormLabs may as well just include this information in the instructions and start including a razor blade in the kit because I doubt it will ever be corrected and indeed, in my experience, has only gotten worse.

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I have also had this issue on several resins received lately in Brisbane Australia. From memory the white resin and high temp resin.

It is a whole lot better that the valves are tight and need help opening before they can be used, than that they are slack and they leak into the packaging.

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It would be a whole lot better if they worked properly AND did not leak. I have lost cartridges due to leakage in shipping. I would opt for properly cut valves and a viable shipping/storage seal.

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have also found this issue over the past year. Out of 78 clear cartridges into 2018, 78 had to be cut!!! 3 had leaked in the post and were replaced.
In 2017, non had to be cut, only pinched before inserted into the printer…

Me, I have received two resin cartridges valves defects and one resin cartridge leaking. So this is 3 defects on 7 cartridges…

Ditto, my second cartridge I had to take a new razor blade to. I was worried if I cut too much or too little that it would have issues. It only increased the time it took to fill… by a lot. I was not generous on my cut for fears of leakage. My third cartridge was cut but I had to massage it a bit to fully open up. At first it was a tiny slit but I could see a scored/cut line so I went to town on it and it works decent now. This is a manufacturing problem that should be addressed by FormLabs and not a work around for the customers. I am assuming I am voiding any warranty when I go into surgery mode and make my incisions.

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