Bite valve faulty

Got my new castable wax cartridge, pulled off the protective strip of the bite valve, and it took the bite valve off with it. After a few dumb moves on my part!! I discovered the bite valve wasn’t cut all the way through! Replaced it with a different one and viola! it works.
You might double check your valve to see that it is opening as it should.

There is a risk of leaking if you use an old bite valve. This is a known issue that is becoming less frequent. I would start a help ticket with Formlabs.

The material used for the bite valves is sometimes self healing. When this happens, I simply turn the cartridge upside down (with the cap closed, of course) and squeeze the bite valve repeatedly. After about ten seconds, it opens back up.

I’ve had 2 valves come uncut. I simply used my trusty old Case pocket knife to pierce the opening in line with the two little guides. Simple fix, no harm no foul.

I had a number of bitevalves also come without being cut. I also cut them with no issue, but it makes me worried a bit to do so. Wish I could just stick a new one on there, but they are unavailable.

I’ve had two bite valves arrive completely uncut. IMO this is pretty unacceptable, especially on a $350 (with shipping) Castable Wax cartridge. I just got another one today that is scored but not cut all the way through. I really don’t want to risk my $3500 printer by cutting it myself but we’re under a time crunch and I’ve already done the back-and-forth with Form after they sent the wrong item in the mail. I know they’re trying to do a good job and keep their quality high but having the same issue over and over is just really frustrating.

the BITE VALVE is the dumbest least tech item on the printing system…
instead of using a flow metering device on the printer itself they chose to use a flexible short term valve on the cartridges.

as far as FL is concerned live with it!

I too have the same issue

It’s still dumb on the FL3. this is a mechanical engineering nightmare that FL refuses to deal with.

I have seen Kickstarter AUTO-Bars ( that mix drinks) with better metering systems.