Cartridge leaking?

I received a shipment of resin the other day and when I went to go open the shipping box I noticed a wet spot in one bottom corner about an inch square. Unpacked the shipment to find one cartridge box of clear resin slightly moist and the bag that holds the cartridge has a decent amount of clear resin inside. Did my cartridge crack in shipment or maybe just the valve has come loose? Hate to clean up the mess and install the resin just to have it start to leak into the machine causing damage. Anyone else experienced this happening before? Tried to send an email to Formlabs but so far no response.

Wait for a response from them, they should definitely send you a replacement cartridge. I wouldn’t use the cartridge.

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Seconding what @Zachary_Brackin said . You can get in touch with our support team here both to try and determine what went wrong with the first cartridge and to get a new one sent out if it is damaged.

They are sending out a replacement cartridge. Excellent customer service once I was able to get a response. Thanks for the link.

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