Bad banding problem

So my first Form 2, Cool Porpoise printed beautifully out of the box. Unfortunately, after a month of use it started having problems sensing resin, and after going back and forth with tech support they told me to send it back and they replaced it with a new printer, Fabulous Cria. In over a year and a half I have never had a perfect print from this new printer. Some days it is worse, some days better. Usually on very small parts it is not so bad, but if I want a really good flat surface I have to print with that surface parallel to the build plate.
This looks like a problem with the build plate, but it is tight… I can’t feel any movement when it is locked down. I even bought a new build plate with no luck. I have tried several resin tanks with no change. I have lubricated the leadscrew with Superlube.
This part is printed with Grey V4 at .1mm.
Any ideas?

I would suggest to perform the optic test you can find in the forum. Just to be sure that there are no disturbances in the optical / beam path.

The regular lines remind me just on our printed parts before we got some bigger issues. After the cleaning (see link to the Topic) they are gone too.

What does the cross section of that print look like? If it’s not hollow, that seems like a pretty large cross-section area, which will exhibit some degree of banding due to peel forces.

Do you get loud pops/clonks during peel?

Yes, but I get those no matter what size object I am printing. I agree that it has to do with the peel action… I think the tray doesn’t return consistently to the same place after the peel. Thing is, on my first printer I printed objects like this all the time with no problems, Peel noises were almost non-existent then.

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