B9 Yellow Resin - Failing

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a B9 model cure unit from B9creations. Decided to also order a 1L of their castable resin for some experimenting. (Normally I print using Formlabs Castable Resin)
However, I cannot get the prints to stick to the building platform.
Strangely enough the beginning (0.2mm thick ) does stick to it but then loosens and starts drifting around in the machine.
I’ve tried printing in:

  • Grey V2
  • Castable V2
  • Black V2
    Also played around with the layer thickness from 0.05 to 0.10. No effect.

Any tips/suggestions?


Try playing with the Z-height of the build platform(lower it a bit). This can help sticking parts to the platform better.