Any word on when X/Y offset is comming to the PreForm release versions?

I’ve been using a Beta version of PreForm provided by FormLabs with had X/Y offset fine tuning to solve a print de-centering issue I was having.

I’ve downloaded PreForm 1.8 for the improved supports but I’ve lost the X/Y offset settings. Are there any plans to enable the X/Y offset feature in the release versions of PreForm?

Sounds like they need to adjust the printer. You could probably do it yourself and give them a heart attack. Behind the rear cover is the galvos. They are just clamped in a hole. If you loosened the offending galvo clamp and rotated it a tiny amount, and then re-tightened it you would be good to go.
Now Sam is going to be all over this post when he gets back to work :).

But why would I want to do that if they can support the adjustment in software? :wink:

:smiley: If they had an adjustment you would be set today. But the latest release didn’t have it. Who knows when the next release will be or if it’s going to be in that one either. But if you can wait, go for it.

@Brainfloat — I’d hold-off on voiding your warranty. Get back in touch with our support team. I’m glad that you found it helpful, but we’ve had mixed results. At the moment, there are no current plans to add that feature into our regular releases.

@JoshK :smiley:

Could you elaborate on this a bit, please?
(Just being curious.)

Would it be possible to add that as a hidden option, maybe something that could be enabled by running PreForm with -xyoffset argument or something?