Angled gap between platform and tank

from some months my Form1+ is affected by a strange problem: the plane of the building plane isn’t parallel to the bottom of the resin tank. When prints starts I can see a small gap in the right side of the building plane. The contact is fine along the left one, in the side where is the hinge. But gap increase progressively moving to the right side.
Maybe the resin tank isn’t well aligned? Maybe it lost some “steps” along the screw that let the tank be tilted?

There is a way to send commands to machine to screw it some steps and make the parallelism correct again?

Thanks in advance for the kind replies,

Have you opened it to look at the piece that attaches the linear stepper to the tray frame? I think if it was loose it would have pulled out by now. Is it always the same each time you try a full reset?

If the gap is small it won’t matter. If it’s large enough that your prints won’t stick to those areas of the platform where the gap is greatest, adjust the Z-height of the printer down 0.1mm and see if that helps.

Small errors in the “parallel co-planarity” of the platform and resin tank don’t affect the print.

Dear Darick and dear Randy, thanks for the kind replies.

@ Darick: seems the piece that attaches the motor to the frame is ok. After each restart of machine, when the tank is resetted in place, the gap is there, each time.

@ Randy: more or less the prints came out fine. Main problems occours when I print large pieces and when I use flexible resin. In these cases 50% times happen that part of the rafts aren’t well attached to the build platform. I usually set the Z-axis at 0,1 till 0,3 in relation with the resin I am using and with the failteures. With flexible works better to keep it at default 0,0 I guess because the resin is more dense and the first raw layer is thicker then with standard resins.

In a way or other the machine works but I wondering if there is a hidden advanced settings that I can use to control the stepper motor.
But seems there is no way, via software, to send a command to the stepper motor and tell it to ‘screw up’ the tank.

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I had a problem with my Form1+ that was initially diagnosed as a bad tilt stepper motor. FL sent me a replacement which I installed myself. There is no “calibration” operation. The motor is over-driven (meaning it steps further than the maximum distance to Home the first time. Wherever the ball screw happens to be when stepping stops, that’s the “zero” reference). So the tilt of the resin tank is determined by the mechanics of the tilt mechanism not the stepper motor. What you want to do is increase the height of the tilting edge of the tank when it’s at its upper stop. But my recollection is that this is controlled by the simple interference of two metal parts, there is no adjustment.

I have the same issue on my Form1+. I also have a Form2 and it’s present there as well. My conclusion is that the tilt is in the build platform and not the tank (since the Form2 peel cycle doesn’t tilt, it only drags). It looked to me like a build platform could be tweaked to achieve the desired effect and I actually bought a second build platform for my Form1+ with the intention of tweaking it. I think I was having a similar problem with Flexible not sticking to the platform where the initial gap was largest.

Hello Randy,
thanks for the clear explanation. So I will try to tweak the building plate in order to fix this gap.
Thanks a lot.

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