Massive offset in between build platform and resin tank while printing

Hi everyone,

I’m running into an issue where the build platform and the resin tank are not meeting as the machine tries to print. It’s almost as if there’s a massive offset (at least 30mm). The platform doesn’t even come in contact with the resin. As a result, material is simply curing on the tank’s surface instead of on the platform. Aside from that, the machine seems to be going through all the right printing motions.

Any ideas on how to fix this/what’s causing the problem? I would really appreciate any help!

check the settings on the printer, you can put in an offset, worth seeing if this is the cause.

That’s what I initially thought but the offset option in the settings only covers a 4 mm range. Any other ideas?

Update: not sure what happened. Ended up rerunning the same print and its working like normal again. This error happened with the first print right after updating the machine’s firmware. For those that come from FDM, it was doing the equivalent (?) of air printing hahaha. But all is well now.


You should open up a ticket with our support team if you notice this again (I’m all too familiar with air printing on FDM…). A 30mm offset points moreso to something keeping the Z motor from completing all of its rotations rather than something that needs to be configured in the software.

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