An easy solution for prints sticking to the platform

Rigid resin is particularly challenging.

I’ve found placing the platform in the freezer until it hits the ambient temperature, about 1/2 an hour, and then washing the print in warm or hot water pops the print base right off.

Much easier than heating (which also works, but with more effort).

I don’t feel like testing a print’s tolerance for the freezing, heating cycle. I just separate the object from the base so that I can immediately start washing. That leaves just the base stuck to the platform for the freezer treatment. Also useful if your freezer is full and space scarce.


Good idea!! I believe I’ve read on the forum at some point where someone was using a can of air held upside down to freeze the print which popped it right off.


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Many Thanks!

I’ve tried it today and can confirm that it works. I’ve printed a block 10x6x3cm directly on the platform, after 20min of sweating, trying to remove the block with help of an hot air gun, I finally put the platform in the freezer at -20°C. After 30min I’ve tried to remove the block again and it was very easy. I will definetly experiment in future with this technique.

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