After Market Resin and Tanks

I have been experimenting with resin from Apply Lab Work with my Form 2 and have had great success with my prints. My problem since I started using the Olive Gray in Open Source is that my tanks are bubbling up with the coating separating from the tank before getting through a liter. I have talked to Apply Lab Works and they assure me that the resin is VAT friendly. This has happen more than once and I normally get 2 liters of Form Lab resin. Has anyone else had this issue with Apply Lab Work resin? I had used one of their other resins but never had an issue before.

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I did have a similar issue but with some differences. I was using the Olive-Grey from ALW in a used tray. On using the spatula to stir the resin I noticed at one end the gel was loose. I made sure I stayed away from that and had no real issues otherwise. The tank finally reached it’s life’s end and was disposed of.
I have new resin from ALW on the way in which will be a 1/3 black to 2/3 beige mix. I’m about out of my Black ALW resin so I’ll clean that tank, which was new at the half liter point, and check the gel to see if there are any issues.
Not good if one saves on resin cost only to spend it on trays that go bad.

One other thing that could be causing the bubbles in the gel of your tanks is “vacuum”.
I’ve put in a ticket for a change to PreForm software to add notches to the top edges of the build base.
The build base is depressed in the center so that when the build plate tries to rise it has to pull against the vacuum caused by this depression.
I haven’t had the problem with FL resin but I have with ALW Black resin when I have a number of prints on the build plate or prints with large build bases. The tray is able to slide back and forth but the build plate can’t lift off and I get a howling from the printer that resembles the wail of a Navy Ship warning horn.

Yeah, it’s something where the formulation could put more stress on the non-stick surface.

I have a system where I only use one color per tank. I have been holding onto my old tanks thinking I would have them refurbished but not sure that is practical. I know they are coming out with a glass tank soon and that is suppose to clear up having to replace the tanks every 1 to 2 liters of use. Walter, I had the same issue when I was building stuff that was heavier and I was trying to build right off of the build plate without supports. Somethings just don’t need supports based on the shape but I was told change my rotation of the model but still supports I don’t feel the pieces need. I like the least amount of clean up possible since I am working on products I will be selling.

According the the FL website blurb on the new tank it has twice the life of the present tanks. So, that means 4 liters instead of 2 in my book. May be they have extended that.
I priced the reworked tanks and the price was higher than new ones I’m afraid. Not to say they aren’t worth it, just that’s what it came to.

Walter, it’s supposedly going to be 20x life length, not 2x. So hopefully, it will extend the life to 20-40 L of resin through each tank.

I sent two of my used tanks to Zvat to have them refurbished with glass windows and new silicone, I’m still barely into the first one, but so far so good. Even if you don’t want them to refurbish your tanks, Zack does buy used ones in good shape. I haven’t done it yet, but when the silicone on this burns out, I’m going to try pouring my own, it’ll cut the costs down a bit on the tank usage.

They were overstocked on tanks last I checked, so not buying them right now.

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