Adjustable feets for Height under the Form1+ printer

It happend to me that my office table wasn’t 100% even. If my resin tank was completly filled the resin was very close to sip over the border when the build platform was moved in! I put something under my printer to make it even but it would be nice if it would be adjustable itself.


You have a 3d printer! you can print them yourself :slight_smile:

Could be something for the Form1++ or 2 though! good idea


thank you Alex :wink:

I think I will just order some leveling screws but I possibly design the rubber feets for them.

A bubble level integrated into the machine would be good too.

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@MarcusKnorr the current feet use a 6-32 screw (one of the only non-metric screws in the machine), so if you’re looking for some drop-in replacements, that should help. Something else to look for on the spec sheet is “non-marking.” I’ve found some feet that look great, but mark up your desk as if they’re oil pastels – really annoying if you’re trying to keep a clean workspace!


@JasonLivingston thank you Jason great info! :wink:

On my lightbox, (outlined here: A DIY UV post-cure Lightbox you too can make ) I used these adjustable felt feet:

What’s nice about them, is they don’t grip the surface, and allow easy spinning adjustment. They are not 6-32 though, so cannot go into the Form1+ directly. You could simply put them into a piece of plywood or MDF and set the form1+ on it though…