Z offset

Hi everyone! I just got myself a used form 1+ machine, this one has a custom vat which requires me to adjust the z offset so the head will touch the plate.
On my search over the internet, I didn’t receive any information to help me solve this issue.
May any of you know how to do it?
best regards

Hi Ohad,

I’ve a lot of experience with the Form 1+ and, as you’ve identified, the z-offset is critical. If you go in preform and click on file, then printers, then fine tuning, there’s the option to adjust the platform height to plus or minus 1mm. I’d suggest drafting a small test piece that’s quick to build and sweep across the range to narrow down where gives you the best build starting at -1mm (highest) platform height.


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Thank you Rob!
I already was trying your advice through the fine tuning, as you described the change can be in range of 1mm around the zero. It wasn’t enough for achieving full contact, so I figure out a way to change z offset more then the fine tuning allowed, I had to connect the memory card of the printer and change the z parameters.
Look like the problem solved and I’m waiting right now for resin and materials that I have ordered to try it out.

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Hey @3D_Builder ,

Thanks for the assist, that is great information; we appreciate you sharing your experience with the 1+!