Leveling Feet for Form 1

I know having the Form 1 perfectly level is not an absolute must for good prints, but the floor in my work area has quite a slant and I’m a bit of a stickler. I really like having the printer 100% level. For awhile I was using cardstock shims to level it, but that seemed like a cumbersome way to do it.

I just made some little leveling feet using 6/32 socket head screws, matching nuts & 1/2” rubber bumpers. Removed the default feet, replaced with these and leveled printer by turning individual feet till level & stable, then locked each by gently snugging nuts against body. NOTE* - threading into the front holes is unrestricted, but the back holes can only thread in about 3/8” before stopping against an obstruction.

Anyway, works like a charm - now perfectly level & solid : )


Did you verify that obstruction in the back isn’t the PCB? You don’t want to bottom them out against the board. Bad things can happen. It has been a little bit since the last time I have taken my printer apart so I am not 100% sure.

Why not just use the feet FL put there to level the printer out? That is what I did. Well, I put a board on the table and got it close to level, then I finished off leveling the printer with the FL feet.

The FL feet screws only have 1/4" past the bumpers, so there’s very little to work with in terms of getting extra distance.

But you do have a point - the USB & power jacks are indeed very close to the holes for the back feet, so it may be the PCB. After feeling the distance to the obstruction I placed nuts on the screws and stopped up against those prior to hitting again. Anyway, all is working OK here. Thanks for the caution though.