Form 2 leveling feet

I think I posted here years ago when formlabs launched. I did go with Titan at that point and have been happy with it. However I’m running a graphics department now at a new company and I am setting up there form 2. The prior person isn’t there and I’m able to set it up thus far but I realize it has no leveling feet? I’m going to look again when more fresh but is this something I could make or anyone know where I could order replacements?

Also the Titan wanted a level resin bed and I’m just assuming without having ever used the Form, it will as well. Is this true?

Thank you.


Thank you.

It’s also worth saying the tool is not required and you can spin the leveling feet by hand. The tool just allows you to do it without moving the printer.

If you want to get it level you can tilt the printer(remove the tank and cartridge first) and spin the feet by hand, it just may take a couple minutes of trial and error. :slight_smile:

That’s very helpful as I still can not find the foot tool…