Leveling tool form 2

I bought my form2 used, without the leveling tools. a few years ago there was a post with an stl file, but that seems to be gone. can you please make it available again??

cheers from cologne

torsten Schöneich

I think he’s talking about this:

To be honest I don’t even use mine. I find it quicker just to tilt the printer up a bit and adjust the feet by hand. After a while you get a feel for just how many turns (or fractional turns) you need to hit the bullseye.

If you really want one I might have an extra I could sell (or maybe someone could measure theirs and send you the dimensions to print one).

EDIT: Here’s the post where @CraigBroady posted the STL. His original link is dead, but if you scroll down there are some others.