PDMS Form 2 replacement

Good morning folks… So i just got my form 2 yesterday and printed out a test piece… FREAKING GORGEOUS is all i can say.
Thoroughly impressed.
However i can see a time soon where i need a new tray, or replace the PDMS.
Has anyone found the right ML quantity to fill the form 2 tank with to make it the same height as the stock?
Is there a way to level the print head if its too low or too high?
just curious.

Good morning! You can adjust the build platform’s height using the Fine Tuning setting on the touchscreen. This allows you to move the build platform in increments of 0.1 mm.

Stephen, thank you… now another question… what is the procedure for making sure the build platform is level to the pdms?
thank yiu

If you’re replacing the PDMS then you would need to place the tray on a level surface while it cures so that the PDMS is level. Also, cover it so that dust won’t get in

zachary, that is my thought process so yes, of course a level table… Im also concerned that It wont be the same height as the stock vats (because formlabs wont release the ML of silicone used haha) unless someone has figured that out.
If we knew those values, it would be great.

Hi Dungingawk- it’s actually much easier to go by weight then volume for the pour. The form2 takes about 103 grams (you can find this by removing the old Pdms layer and weighing it). To Recoat, keep the tray on a scale as you pour until you hit the exact amount, that way your layer height should be very accurate.

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Perfect. thanks z

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