Adhesive Problems

Increasingly, I get an adhesive problem at the corners of the building platform. Smaller parts will be lost or damaged.
How can I prevent this?

Move the Z axis down a smidge. You may also want to scuff up the build platform with some 80 - 120 grit sand paper.

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I had this happen to me once, even more dramatically (see link below). Oddly enough the part came out fine (it was a very large part). I adjusted the Z-axis down and it hasn’t happened again since.

Hope this helps.

  • Kevin

If it is happening increasingly, then I suspect its time for a new vat or replace the silicone.

How many liters have you printed on the vat?

The vat was replaced together with the current cartouche. I guess, it’s the weared surface of the building platform.
I have two platforms, the one has problems at one corner, the other at two corners.

What do you suggest to adjust the z-axis for a first try? How many micrometers?

I would try -0.1mm or -0.2mm first time.

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Problem is solved. Thanks for your help.


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