3.5.1 stalling on support generation


Hi all, anyone else having a problem with supporting multiple parts? I never had an issue before, but now with 3.5.1 it doesn’t seem to want to support more than two items in one go. The blue bar freezes at maybe 80%, and an hour later, hadn’t moved. Supporting individual files worked, so I don’t think there was anything wrong with the model data…


I am constantly having 3.5.1 freeze when adding supports to a model. The solution is to watch it … as soon as it freezes for more than 10 seconds you need to cancel the support … and reload the model as a new project. Once I do that and then try adding the supports again … it normally works.


I have the same problem about 10% of the time with no progress past 20% of support generation in 3.5.1. what helps is rotate the model -1° and then again +1° again…

Also sometimes, randomly, slicing rigid 50um for Form3 eats up >14GB RAM and takes 30+min…

was really disappointed last Thursday that this was not fixed in an update.


Me too… I bring the models in one at a time now, it seems to freeze much more often if it is dealing with several files in one hit.


Still happening with 3.6.0 . Starting to get a bit irritating… Just lost an hours editing when it all locked up. I suspect the printability function that keeps on running. Can I turn it off, until I am done editing my supports?