28 hour build, parts missing on the tray

What would you all do, a large full tray on my Form3. It has got about 6+ hours left. One of my coins is missing OR never started printing. Cant be for sure, nothing is in the tray below. Will I have to look in the tray for a part falling off? Strain the resin, which is pretty messy to do and I have a chance of contaminating the Resin Tray.

Will something keep trying to grow down in the resin? Does the machine realize something is not there and stop printing that one? Wont be done til later tonight, so I will post an update. I did notice some of the supports on the other parts are NOT connected, didnt completely form.


So yeah, the raft didnt adhere and was stuck to the bottom of the tank AND the part right next to it warped and had problems. Ugh, what a waste of time and resin. Do I worry about the inside of the resin tank being scratched at all? Sending this problem in…