1+ "retirement"

My company 1+ gave good loyal service but I’ve had confirmation from Formlabs that the print problem I’ve described to them is a sign of galvanometer malfunction and the fixed price repair service is no longer available. The symptom is that Y axis is grossly distorted (just over 2:1!). The question is whether it’s realistic to think that I can squeeze more life out of the old critter by carefully scaling models accordingly in my CAD models? I’d have to be careful that I orientate the STL model in Preform, of course. The downside, I guess, is that the best orientation for printing will only rarely coincide with the lop-sided scaling.

Further to my earlier posting, I just thought through and realised that the curing process is likely to be compromised, as I presume the laser beam will be travelling faster in the Y direction than it ought to, thus diminishing the actual-versus-intended energy levels. There have been adhesion problems, probably attributable to this malfunction. Maybe I should just quietly retire the machine after all?

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