0.050mm always fail

Today I received the white resin and I done another try. Also this time the model failed.

I made several model on 0.1 mm, but all models tried on 0.05 (or 0.01) failed.
I don’t understand why that difference.

Maybe 0.050 prints need much more supports?


I have never purchased white resin, but my clear prints great on 0.1 and 0.025 but always fails horribly on 0.05 too.

Ok, I will try 0.025 then :slight_smile:
also if the time required is too much for me…

but whats more important michele time, or quality?! lol

@DavidAbeskaron, I fear 0.025 wears the machine out faster. Your car’s life is rated in miles, I think these printers will be rated in “layers”.

that’s interesting, what do you think is wearing down? the laser? and it’s fine motion ability? or more on the build platform?

Basically everything. The screw that drive the tank tilt and the tank hinge are wearing just as much for every layer regardless of the step size that happens next. Also the top killer of lasers is the on/off switching, not the brightness. The thinner the layers, the less get accomplished with the same effort. And galvo wear from motion too. It all depends on how many layers are drawn.
Even with great lubrication there is always wear because friction-less is impossible. In a machine where microns matter, it won’t take much wear to show signs.

Unfortunately it failed also at 0.025.
Only a first basement layer printed (two times).
With 0.050 I got only supports.

After several tries I never successful printed at 0.05 or 0.025, so I opened a ticket.

I openend a ticket and the first replies are:

check the tank
then check the mirror

I used also a new tank and I checked it and looks perfect.
The mirror was ok, but I cleaned it to be sure. Now is perfect.

The result doesn’t change.
I think there is another problem.
At 0.050 I always got only supports. But checking them I found that supports are irregulars.
At 0.100 they are perfects.

Some suggestions?

Ty :smiley:

A few things you can try.

Select the Black resin setting in the preform when printing. See if that helps.

You can also try printing with the grey or black resin.

It’s possible that your white resin bottle is bad or you haven’t mixed it well when you first poured it in the tank, therefore changing the composition of the resin left inside your bottle.

Your supports are definitely better up higher than down low. I imagine this means the resin was not mixed when the print started, but the tilt action against the platform squished the resin hundreds of times until it was mixed better. I would suggest throwing away the resin that is left in the tank and very thoroughly shaking the bottle before refilling it.