Z offset isnt working properly?


I just got a New Form 2 and so far it is working fine. However the parts wont stick to the build plate properly no matter what I do. I tried adjusting the z offset up to -2mm with no Effect. The parts Keep sticking on the tray.
I am using Prusament Resin instead of Formlabs Resin by the way, but that shouldnt be the Problem. Can anybody tell me what i may do wrong or how I can adjust the z offset even more?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Tristan,

Is that Prusament resin intended to be a substitute for Formlabs resin (same exposure profile as one of the stock ones and 405nm curing wavelength?) Does it also happen with Formlabs resin?

Could be an optics issue. Try cleaning your optical window, the tank, and straining the resin. You may also need to clean the underside of your optical window, the main mirror and galvos - as described here. Support can help you diagnose whether those need cleaning if you’re unsure.

If your resin is too old / expired that could also cause adhesion failure.

Hope this helps.

Try roughing up your build plate with some 80x sandpaper.

Support isn’t going to help you with any issues with a 3rd party resin. You need to make a run with a Formlabs resin to see if it still does it before you can expect FL to give you any help.

I agree. But I had in mind in the meantime he could simply send them some pictures (at a shallow angle) and ask something like “do these look dirty to you”.